All Hallows’ Marriages
Many of the early entries are—at least in my admittedly highly limited experience of old parish registers—unusually well-detailed in regard to naming occupations, status, etc. It is also very clear that Tottenham was regarded as something of a fashionable place in which to marry—a high proportion of the entries, right up until 1837, are for well-to-do outsiders, some from surprisingly far away.

Nothing has been altered from the Phillimore transcript except for the capitalisation of surnames. Interpolations and comments I have made in the notes column are in red, to distinguish them from the originals.

In connection with this, where an early spelling of a place-name has no clear relationship to the modern version I’ve put the latter in the notes column (unless, of course, I haven’t been able to figure out where it is myself yet!). I should mention that ‘Edelmeton’ is Edmonton—the identification isn’t immediately obvious.

Various Latin interpolations follow some entries — I’ve placed these in the the Notes column, following the date. Ditto mentions of Churchwardens, &c.

Phillimore includes Banns for which no marriage is recorded in the All Hallows’ registers; these are placed at the end of each volume, instead of being interspersed with the marriage entries. Absence of a marriage entry does not necessarily mean that no marriage occurred—it may have been solemnised in another parish.

The following abbreviations have been used, following Phillimore:

bach. bachelor
bart. baronet
clk. clerk
gent. gentleman
husbn. husbandman
Knt. knight
labr. labourer
lic. by licence
sp., spin., spr. spinster
T. Tottenham
w., wid. widow or widower


Volume I: 1558–1624
Volume II: March 1625–April 1679
Volume III: 1676–March 1754
Volume V: October 1754–November 1760 (with Banns)
Volume VI: November 1760–October 1770; Banns November 1760–June 1776
Volume VII: November 1770–December 1780; Banns September 1776–October 1780
Volume IX: February 1781–September 1801; Banns February 1781–September 1801
Volume XI: September 1801–December 1812; Banns September 1801–December 1816
Volume XII: February 1813–June 1837

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